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A Timeless Heritage

A Timeless Heritage: Ganga is India's largest and most sacred river, playing an intimate and important role in the natural, historical, cultural, and spiritual heritage of the nation, representing its very identity.

If Ganga Lives, India Lives. If Ganga Dies, India Dies.

If Ganga Lives, India Lives. If Ganga Dies, India Dies: With threats to her free-flowing and pristine nature by excessive liquid and solid waste pollution in her waters, obstructions blocking her flow and large stretches of her riverbeds being dried up, Ganga struggles to survive.

Environmental Preservation for World Peace

People's Movement for a Clean Ganga: For centuries civilizations have thrived along the banks of Mother Ganga now its civilians and people's social responsibility to ensure their rivers thrive because if Ganga dies, India dies but if Ganga thrives, India thrives.

Ganga River Institute

Ganga River Institute

The Ganga River Institute (GRI) for Sustainable Development and Enhanced Livelihoods will provide programs, activities and livelihood training to reconnect people to their Rivers. GRI will also provide targeted training to enable policy makers, implementers and community leaders to best actualize flagship programmes, including the Swachh Bharat Mission and Namami Gange. Please visit to learn.

National Ganga Rights Act

National Ganga Rights Act

Ganga’s Right Are Our Rights!  Lend your voice to the cause to establish Ganga – and those who are dependent on Her – the rights to exist, thrive! The National Ganga Rights Act is proposed with the purposes of establishing, securing, and defending the inalienable and inherent rights of the Ganga River, its tributaries, and watershed, and the rights of the people of India to a healthy, thriving river basin.  
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Green Kumbh Initiative

Green Kumbh Initiative

Kumbh Mela declared India’s intangible heritage by UNESCO is entirely centered around India’s sacred rivers. Hence, it is time that we mobilise and motivate individuals, institutions and everyone who comes together to take a dip in the holy rivers to also pledge and commit to ensuring these same rivers are clean and free-flowing. Let us make our Melas clean, green and serene and through various innovative initiatives we are doing just that.



Tree Plantation at Kendriya Vidyalaya

Ganga Action Parivar-Parmarth Niketan's first monsoon plantation will be taking place in Rishikesh at the beautiful grounds of Kendriya Vidyalaya. Come join us! The plantation was inspired after Pujya Swamiji launched the International Peace Garden in the United Kingdom earlier this month, in which He had donated 100 trees. Read more about this story, click the link here:…

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