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Solar India Plan


India’s population is growing exponentially each year and is one of the fastest-growing countries in the world, with a population of approximately 1.2 billion people. As the amount of people continues to increase, and as technologies such as phones, computers and more become accessible to more and more people, the demand for electricity is also increasing greatly.

However, India has not been able to meet this demand as of yet. Towns and cities across India are subject to frequent or even routine blackouts, sometimes more than 12 hours every single day. In the summer of 2012, India experienced the largest power outage in the history of the world, affecting twenty of India’s twenty-eight states.

While many technologies have been considered and tried to generate electricity in India, one of India’s biggest resources has remained largely untapped – that is, the sun. In a country that receives full sun for most the year, the potential to generate solar energy is much greater than elsewhere in the world. By concentrating on using solar technology, not only would energy demands be met, but the environment would also be protected, as current schemes such as hydroelectric dams and coal mining damage the fragile ecosystems where they are set up.

Our Aim

  • Popularizing and energizing a new plan that taps into India’s enormous capacity to harvest and provide solar power, meeting 100% of the nation’s future energy needs by 2050