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Uttarakhand Flooding

Relief, Rehabilitation & Restoration for the Victims of the Himalayan Tsunami

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About the Disaster

In the tragic flooding in Uttarakhand mid-June, innumerable people (estimates report in the thousands) lost their lives. They couldn’t escape as Mother Ganga’s waters rose to heights unseen in over 100 years, flowing brown and fast: with forces greater than a speeding train.

The official death toll from the Uttarakhand flood has surpassed 1,000, but most believe it will be probably several times that by the time the waters recede and the mud and sludge is removed from the roads and hillsides. Tragically, every day, more and more bodies are being found along the river’s banks, in rubble, or smothered by avalanches.

When Mother Ganga’s waters rose, the roads, homes, towns and villages lining Her banks were no match. One after the other, buildings collapsed into rubble or into the rushing waters. Others were soon completely underwater or crushed by landslides.

Nearly 100 dharmshalas (guest houses), packed full of pilgrims fell into the river. Hundreds of cars toppled off foundation-less roads.  Roads were destroyed. Bridges collapsed. Countless lives were lost, as were property, possessions and hopes.

It was the month of June, the summer vacation season of India when millions of devotees flock from their homes to the sacred Char Dham Yatra pilgrimage of the Uttarakhand Himalayas to offer their prayers in the four holy temples.  After the disaster, many of these pilgrims were stranded in the high Himalayas.  An estimated 11,000 are missing and likely dead.

In so many tragic cases, large families traveled together on this holy journey. Only one or two may have survived, having watched their loved ones being brutally taken by rushing waters, mud and rocks.

Project Hope in Action

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How You Can Help

Join us in our crucial mission of saving and restoring lives through your tan, man or daan (body, mind or donations). Here are three ways you can help:

Monetary Donations

Please email to find out how you can donate.

Urgent Relief Material and Medicines


  • Please do not send us old or used clothes.  We will be giving out only new clothes.
  • Do not send old or expired medicines.
  • If possible, please pre-package food items (such as rice, daal, etc.) into maximum 15kg bags.  This will facilitate distribution both for volunteers and for those receiving the food items.  Flour should be put into bags that can seal and are water-proof.

Please send us an email at  or call 7579029225 stating the items that you are planning to send.

Volunteer Your Time and Talent

Join Project Hope’s crucial efforts to bring relief and rehabilitation to the people and areas devastated by the Uttarakhand floods.

We need people from all backgrounds, including eco-friendly:

  • Civil engineers (geotechnical, structural, infrastructural experts, environmental, etc.)
  • Urban planners and developers
  • Disaster assessment and management teams
  • Seismologists
  • Professionals specializing in eco-tourism
  • Psychologists, therapists, counselors
  • Doctors, nurses
  • Social workers, including NSS and RSS Scouts
  • Organic farming experts
  • Mountaineering students
  • Botanical and forestry professionals
  • Alternative energy experts
  • Solid waste management experts
  • Landscape experts
  • Anthropologists, to help with the preservation of local culture, art and heritage of Kumaon and Garhwal regions

So that we may be sure to combine your talents where they are needed the most, we ask that you kindly answer the below questions:

Partner with Us

If your organisation, business or institution is interested in joining Project Hope’s life-saving mission as a partner, please email your details to: