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Cleaning up the banks of Ganga

Cleaning up the banks of Ganga

In the Ganga River Basin, trash is often disposed of directly in, or near the river, endangering wildlife, plants, and human populations, while also spoiling the appearance of what should be pristine waters. Ganga Action Parivar is working to remove existing pollution (namely, solid waste) along the banks of Ganga, Her tributaries and the surrounding environment, preventing this waste from washing into the rivers and choking life from them, as well as preventing the waste from leaching its harmful chemicals into the soil and groundwater.


What GAP is Doing

  • Working with local municipalities and people to find sustainable solutions to effectively manage solid waste, such as installing and maintaining dustbins, setting up composting and recycling systems and more
  • Conducting mass awareness campaigns to motivate populations and visitors to properly dispose of their waste before it reaches the Ganga
  • Campaigning for and distributing eco-friendly alternatives to plastic and polythene, such as reusable water bottles and cloth or jute bags


Local and National Clean-Ups

A regular activity of Ganga Action is the Ganga Clean-Up. On all holidays, special occasions and regularly throughout the year, Ganga Action members and other local volunteers come together to spend the day removing all the trash from the waters and banks of Mother Ganga and the surrounding areas. Through these efforts, literally tons of plastic, polythene and other waste have been removed from the banks and the waters, moving us all one step closer to have a clean, “green” and pristine environment!
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