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National Heritage

Ganga has formed an integral part of Indian life, spirituality and culture for thousands of years, and as such, a rich oral and written tradition and history have grown along her banks. Ganga is referenced throughout all kinds of literature, ranging from the ancient Sanskrit literature, epics and Puranas to modern poets and writers of both India and abroad. She has both been revealed in ancient scriptures, and has been a source of inspiration for countless poems written on her glory.


literature-1Ganga in Scriptures

Hindu spiritual literature from the Vedas, the Mahabharata and the Ramayana, to the eighteen Puranas mention the purity and glory of Mother Ganga, and several of these texts have elaborate hymns in her praise.





Inspiring Quotes On Ganga

For ages, Ganga has been a source of inspiration to sages, poets, authors, leaders, scientists and others from around the world.