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Natural Heritage

Besides supporting hundreds of millions of people who live along her banks and in her basin, the entire length of Ganga is home to many diverse environments supporting a wide variety of flora and fauna. Starting high in the Himalayan deodar and fir forests near Gaumukh, Ganga begins her descent down across the north of India, flowing through the lower sal forests near Rishikesh, entering the plains at Haridwar, travelling east into the mangrove swamps of West Bengal and finally emptying herself into the Bay of Bengal at Gangasagar.

As the river flows through these environments, she provides a home, support and nourishment to millions of life forms that live along her banks and in her waters.



The water of Ganga itself is rich in diverse fauna, and thousands of species who live along the banks of Ganga depend on her waters for life itself.




Ganga flows through many ecosystems as She flows from the high alpine forests of Gangotri to the Sundarbans of West Bengal, supporting diverse plants that make these ecosystems thrive.


environment-4Natural Benefits

Ganga not only holds great spiritual and cultural significance, but her unique, natural characteristics have given Her qualities unlike other water bodies, and made Her the subject of scientific study.