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ISKCON News, Kurma">“The Dirt on Mother Ganga” by ISKCON News, Kurma

Kurma. “The Dirt on Mother Ganga.” Life and Travel with Kurma. May 2007. …Yesterday I jumped on a boat and visited Navadvip, the ancient town on the other side of the meandering Ganges. I’ll share some photos with you later. Oh – speaking of the Ganges – my sister Annie…
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ISKCON News, Madhava Smullen">“Battle for the Yamuna Makes Waves in Delhi” by ISKCON News, Madhava Smullen

Battle for the Yamuna Makes Waves in Delhi By Madhava Smullen, ISKCON News June 10, 2011 After a month-and-a-half-long march in protest of the pollution of the sacred river Yamuna, thousands of sadhus, Krishna devotees, and environmentalists have made huge waves in the political scene and brought the attention of…
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