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BBC, Subir Bhaumik">“Warning over Calcutta water quality” by BBC, Subir Bhaumik

Warning over Calcutta water quality By Subir Bhaumik, BBC Friday, August 29, 2003 Much of the drinking water in the eastern Indian city of Calcutta is contaminated with human excrement, according to a government ministry report. Although this is the seventh report on drinking water quality in Calcutta since 1985,…
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Subir Bhaumik">“Air pollution suffocates Calcutta” by Subir Bhaumik

Air pollution suffocates Calcutta By Subir Bhaumik, BBC Thursday, May 3, 2007 Some 70% of people in the city of Calcutta suffer from respiratory disorders caused by air pollution, a recent study by a prominent cancer institute in India has concluded. Ailments include lung cancer, breathing difficulties and asthma, the…
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