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“Landslides major threat to villages in vicinity of Tehri dam, demand rehabilitation” by Jagran Post

Landslides major threat to villages in vicinity of Tehri dam, demand rehabilitation

Jagran Post

August 20, 2011

Tehri: Fear of landslides has created havoc in the mind of the villagers dwelling in about two dozen villages adjoining Tehri dam in Uttarakhand. Even as a major tragedy beckons these villages, the administration has failed to pay any attention to the grievances of the villagers.

Generally, the rising water level in the dam during the rainy season compounds the problem for villagers, who have been demanding their rehabilitation for a decade.

The residential houses, fields and road links were flooded with water last September due to increase in its level.

Tehri Hydro Development Corporation (THDC) administration is turning a deaf ear to the problem of villagers.

Villages adjacent  to the dam include Bhaldiyana, Nakot, Raulakot, Gadoli, Kangsali, Jalwalgaon, Sandna, Khand, Bhainga, Chaundar, Motna, Sarot, Doban, Syansu, Muda, Ghonti, Pipola, Talla Uppu, Tiwargaon, Gadolia, Koti, Ptangali, Chholgaon and Kathuli.

Former district panchayat member, Murarilal Khandwal said the work should be started on war footing for rehabilitation of the above mentioned villages.

Another panchayat member Khola Preamdatta Juyal informed that several houses developed cracks due to landslides in Sandna village.

Responding to the villagers’ grievances, District Magistrate Radhika Jha said, “The Geological Survey of India (GSI) team had surveyed after the water level swelled in the lake. Once the team submits its report, the identified villages would be rehabilitated.”’

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