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“Post-Tehri Dam Irrigation Service and Modernization of Upper Ganga Canal System” by Ravindra Kumar

Post-Tehri Dam Irrigation Service and Modernization of Upper Ganga Canal System

By Ravindra Kumar

Multiple uses of Upper Ganga Canal (UGC) water – serving thirsty towns, major water feeder to Agra irrigation canals (of Yamuna basin), producing power at many UGC drops, presently irrigating an average 0.6 million ha against cultivable command area of 0.9 mha, generating water benefits @ US$ 1500/ha cropped area at the annual working cost of US $ 20/ha (2007-08) and revenue realized @ US $ 6/ha (based on irrigation rate of 1995) having cost of water @ US$ 10/m3 justifies its capacity modernization from existing 297 m3/s to 400 m3/s as a result of additional water 113 m3/s available post Tehri dam for water distribution in Kharif (wet season):  3 weeks on, one week off and in Rabi (dry season):  2 weeks on and two weeks off.

Based on the ecological flow requirement for a specific reach of the river Ganga, the bare optimal flow need has been estimated at 72% for upper and 45 to 47% of mean annual run off natural for middle reaches respectively.

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