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“The Ethical perspective of Water: Dilemmas and Future challenges” by Muhammed Mizanur Rahaman, Olli Varis

M. M. & Varis, O. “The Ethical perspective of Water: Dilemmas and Future challenges.” Sustainable Development of Energy, Water and Environment Systems. 2005. Volume II, pp. 39-51

The Ethical Perspective of Water: Dilemmas and Future Challenges

Muhammad Mizanur Rahaman and Olli Varis

Water Resources Laboratory, Helisinki University of Technology, Finland

No sector of the society is value free and immune to ethical consideration, water sector is not an exception. Questions of access and deprivation underlie most water management approaches facing various ethical dilemmas. The purpose of this paper to focus some key ethical issues related to water, which are crucial to water resource development and management. One of the future challenges for water professional is to find out logical linkages between water policies and ethics to achieve an effective, efficient, and sustainable wtaer resources development and management.

Genre: International River Law Articles
Subjects: International River Law