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Cleanliness Rally at Neelkanth Temple

Cleanliness Rally at Neelkanth Temple

Parmarth Niketan, in collaboration with Acharyas, Rishi Kumars, Sevaks of Parmarth, GIWA, and DSF, organized a significant cleanliness rally on Neelkanth Marg during the Kanwad Yatra. The Kanwad Yatra is an annual pilgrimage dedicated to Lord Shiva at the Neelkanth Temple in Rishikesh.

The rally aimed to spread the message of cleanliness among the Kanwariyas, emphasizing the importance of sanitation, good health, mental well-being, and social welfare. It also focused on the prevention of infections. As part of the initiative, cloth bags were distributed to the yatris, encouraging them to safely collect their plastic waste and dispose of it properly upon their return from the temple.

To raise awareness about the harmful effects of plastic, water conservation, and the significance of tree plantation, a captivating puppet show was organized by the Gurukul students. This interactive display effectively conveyed important messages to the yatris.

As a result of these efforts, a significant reduction in plastic waste during the yatra along the Neelkanth Marg was achieved, contributing to the cleanliness of the Rajaji Tiger Reserve and the sacred river Ganga.

Through initiatives like these, Parmarth Niketan and its partners are actively working towards preserving the environment, promoting sustainable practices, and ensuring the well-being of both nature and pilgrims.