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Founder of GAP and GIWA Meets with UNICEF

Founder of GAP and GIWA Meets with UNICEF


Executives from UNICEF came to visit Pujya Swamiji to discuss the Global Interfaith WASH Alliance (GIWA), which was launched at UNICEF World Headquarters in New York this past September during the United Nations General Assembly Meetings. Pujya Swamiji, Ganga Action Parivar’s Founder and GIWA’s Co-Founder, discussed GIWA’s many accomplishments in India, through which spiritual leaders are working to inspire the entire nation towards realizingthe vision of improved water, sanitation and hygiene for all.


During the meeting, they discussed joint plans for GIWA’s From Worship to WASH Summit, scheduled to take place this autumn. In so doing Pujya Swamiji said: “the theme, from Worship to WASH is truly an innovation in spirituality that the world needs today. Simply by washing hands, providing access to clean water and sanitation facilities, many innocent lives can be saved. People of all faiths and religions should come together to serve for this mission.”

Afterwards, a short meeting with Rotary International took place, in which Shri Sushil Gupta, Senior Rotarian, expressed his support and commitment towards serving the Global Interfaith WASH Alliance’s crucial mission.1381691_751604668194710_536026965790832808_n


In addition, Pujya Swamiji and Shri Sushil Gupta discussed how they may work together to bring sustained relief to flood survivors in Uttarakhand through Project Hope. Later, they also talked about how they can combine forces to keep sewage out of our holy Ganga River by shutting off all pipes that are illegally entering into Her waters. Said Pujya Swamiji, “water is a human right. Never should sewage and drinking water mix, and never should Mother Ganga’s waters be defiled in such a way. That is why we say, Ganga’s Rights are our Rights”.

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