How You Can Help!

Take the GAP Pledge!

Join Ganga Action to act now and contribute to the effort to restore Mother Ganga and her tributaries, as well as all water bodies (rivers, lakes, streams, seas, etc.), to their aviral (free-flowing) and nirmal (unpolluted) state.

Become a bridge between government, society and nature to serve Mother Ganga by taking and committing to the Ganga Action pledge!

I, commit that I will not pollute in any way the holy Ganga or any other water body, and I will follow the suggestions given by Ganga Action Parivar below:

I will never dump any kind of pollution into Ganga or any other water body, including but not limited to painted statues, plastic, polythene, detergents, chemicals and other non-biodegradable materials.

I will devote some time at least one day a week (as much as possible) to join with my community members and clean the banks of the rivers and water bodies in my city or near my home.

I will not use plastic and polythene bags and instead carry my own re-usable bag or container (such as ones made out of cloth or jute) when I go shopping or to the market.

I will refrain from throwing any garbage on the roads, whether I am in my own town or city, on pilgrimage, or traveling, but I will always place my garbage in dustbins for proper collection and recycling. In the case that there are no dustbins, I will keep all dry waste (plastic, paper, etc.) with me in a separate container and properly dispose of them later when there are facilities to do so.

I will encourage my family members to place dustbins in public areas to celebrate their birthdays or any other special occasion, to encourage others to properly dispose of their garbage and help keep the environment unpolluted and healthy.

I will prevent the pollution of any religious place, such as the river Ganga and temples, by using only natural materials for worship like flowers, milk and pure water.

I will live as eco-consciously as I possibly can, and use my knowledge and awareness to educate my family, friends, and anyone I meet regarding how they, too, can live green and protect Mother Ganga and Mother Earth.

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