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Poets for Ganga

Poets for Ganga

Nearly 425 poets of the Rashtriya Kavi Sangam (National Poets Confluence) from over 20 states of India came together on the banks of Mother Ganga at Parmarth Niketan (Rishikesh) for a very special gathering dedicated to preserving and protecting Mother Ganga, which is not only a lifeline to 500 million people but also a vital source of inspiration for billions. Many of the poets dedicated their poetry and prose to the critical need for conserving the actual river body as the key to protecting the sacred culture and heritage of India. They emphasized that in the form of a flowing river Ganga represents the very soul and identity of India. They pledged their Poets Social Responsibility to utilizing their time, talent and tenacity to raise awareness and prevent pollution and degradation of Mother Ganga. Women poets and young poets were especially honoured on the occasion for their great dedication and role to this green change. 

They also shared their inspiring words on safeguarding our sacred sites of pilgrimage, like Rishikesh and the entire Himalayan state, as a precious national heritage.

On the occasion Shri Jagdish Mittal, Chairman of Rashtriya Kavi Sammelan, expressed his deepest gratitude and commitment to the work that was being lead by Pujya Swamiji for protecting Mother Ganga as well as the Himalayas.


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