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EcoFriends">“Biomedical Waste: A Major Health Hazard in Kanpur” by EcoFriends

EcoFriends December 21, 2002 KANPUR: This may sound a paradox. Most of the hospitals in Kanpur which are supposed to ensure better health to people have instead turned into breeding grounds for infectious diseases. Highly hazardous and infectious biomedical waste comprising contaminated needles, human anatomical waste, waste from culture and…
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EcoFriends">“The Public Hearing on the Issue of Supply of Toxic Sewage Irrigation Water to the Farmlands at Jajmau and Its Disastrous Impact on Drinking Water, Agriculture, Health and Livelihoods” by EcoFriends

EcoFriends 2002 Background: A serious environmental disaster is brewing in the villages of Jajmau at Kanpur on account of the supply of hazardous irrigation water to the farmlands at Jajmau. Despite being under Kanpur city, the twenty odd villages, which receive the irrigation water have no electricity connections, telephone connections…
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