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Welcome to the Ganga Blog!

Namaste and welcome to our new blog!

Today is the birthday of Mother Ganga. According to the Hindu Epic, the Ramayana, this is the day that Mother Ganga came down to Earth to liberate lost souls and to nourish the world. In honor of this special day we’re celebrating with the launch of our new blog, complete with tips on improving her water quality.

Ganga is sacred to almost 1 billion people who live, drink, bathe and worship in her water daily. Sadly, though, she is in trouble due to pollution. Approximately 3 billion liters of waste and chemicals are dumped into her waters every day. This puts the 450 million people who depend on her waters at great risk. For example, in Varanasi, 66% of those who use the Ganga’s waters are expected to fall sick to illness such as typhoid and dysentery, a direct result of waterborne contamination.

Ganga Action Parivar is just that–a parivar, a family, made up of all types of people. Young, old, rich, poor, unknown, famous, all castes, all creeds; we’re all bound by a common heart that respects and loves Mother Ganga. And we’re committed to helping her become cleaner and healthier.

We’re working with scientists and engineers who have the experience and expertise to bring about real change. We’re working with political leaders who are committed to enacting policies that will enable and support environmental safeguards, as well as media groups who can promote this change. We’re working with spiritual leaders who can help educate and inspire their followers to greater ecological sensitivity. We’re working with financial and legal experts, and internationally-acclaimed environmental leaders who know how to get things done. And we’re working with a growing number of enthusiastic volunteers who are pledging to do their part in their own community to make Ganga’s waters clean again.

Ganga tips for the day: please come back to this blog site regularly for news and information you can use. And be sure to like us on Facebook. Your support there goes a long way to spread the message about honoring Mother Ganga. Together, we know we can restore a free-flowing and pristine Ganga, making her waters safe for drinking for all and enabling her to sustain life and spiritually inspire millions for generations to come.