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Hope and Healing Project Give-Back Compassionate care where it is needed the most

Hope and Healing Project Give-Back Compassionate care where it is needed the most

In the wake of the recent tragedy, the lack of available medical professionals and healthcare facilities in the remote villages of Uttarakhand presented a major hurdle towards delivering life-saving treatment when needed the most. As a direct response, Project Give-Back, in partnership with Ganga Action Parivar, Project Hope and the Global Interfaith WASH Alliance, is working diligently to ensure compassionate care is delivered to some of the most under-served areas.


Project Give-Back Serves To:

1. Promote the understanding and education of overall health and well-being which encompasses the 5H’s: Health, Happiness, Habits, Habitats, and Humanity

2. Create and implement innovative new programmes and resources to support improved health. These include community health promotion programs, which highlight ways to prevent communicable diseases, improve chronic disease states, and promote general health and

3. Expand weekly medical camps at local villages to include basic medical care as well as health education regarding preventable diseases, specifically highlighting WASH (Water, Sanitation, Hygiene).

4. Connect local and international veterinary health providers to improve animal care (cows, dogs, poultry, etc.) with the recognition that the health of animals directly impacts human health and well-being.

5. Utilize schools, places of worship and community centers as forums and fertile spaces to promote health education and awareness.

6. Promote women’s self care, encourage intuitive self healing, facilitate autonomy and knowledge of health through education and self help groups.

7. Collect epidemiological data regarding disease prevalence and incidence to determine priority medical conditions and track disease outcomes.

Project Give-Back has been conducting regular health camps that have been attended by thousands of patients. These have included: eye, urology, rhemotolgy, dental and many other crucial services. Innovative camps featuring techniques such as gene therapy and ayurvedic medicine, have alshope5o been hosted by Project Give- Back, at its Central Base in Rishikesh.

In addition, regular primary and family-care camps have been held in rural areas that have little to no access to  healthcare. These have included the villages and regions of Chandrabhaga, Ganga Bhogpur, Kunaw, Kali ki Dhal, Kaudiya and Kimbsaar and other villages.


Recently, a meeting was held with Uttarakhand’s Hon’ble Health Minister, Shri Surendra Singh Negi (above photo) to discuss ways in which our services could address the shortage of doctors and specialty care in the state and promote accessible quality care for the most remote populations. He supported the vision, mission and plan of Project Give Back and will be working hand in hand as we work to address these challenges and bring in quality care as well as empower doctors currently serving in the area, creating a bridge in which ideas can be exchanged and best practices can be shared.